Alison Muir
A Commentary on the Aquatic Environment


b. 1986, HK.

Alison Muir

Alison Muir

Welcome to my world of textiles

As you view the Gallery you will discover my textile designs deliver messages about the environment especially focussed on water in all its iterations

I use non connected traditions in my textile designs with political comment on dyed textiles, by using scientific details from the electron microscope and by combining natural landscapes and text

Water the universal currency embedded with political capital


Artist Statement

by Alison Muir

AM-portrait 300By 2000 water became the driving force in my world, and I needed to smell and see the sea to be happy. At that time to illustrate water I developed an individual style using 'vlisoflixed' strips of cloth in layers; this style was used for the quilt "Short Poppies are valuable too" juried into Quilt National 2001.

In 2003 I continued to extend my range of techniques, including digital imaging and collage, silk painting and dyeing, traditional shibori and arashi dyeing to individualise the textile image and colour range.

'Aquamarine: recent textiles by Alison Muir' displayed 12 works depicting images of water, both fresh and salt and its impact on Sydney, with 10 years of existing work at a solo exhibition comprising 35 works at Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney in November 2005.

From 2006 'Fathoming the depths: informative textiles' presented social & environmental issues : the politics of water for a Master of Design (Hons) 2010 at the College of Fine Arts, University of NSW, Sydney Australia.

'Ancient messages' using hand stitched and dyed whole cloth was juried into Quilt National 2011. The process I use begins with a 'water message' and the design is generated using appropriate research, techniques, colours and stitching with unconnected traditions such as dyed textiles and political comment, scientific details and text in natural dyed textile landscapes/seascapes

New work is exploring images of microscopic organisms in water to deliver messages, sometime political and always passionate about our environment